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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 


Citizen WatchesEstablished in 1930, Citizen Watches is the world's largest manufacturer of watches and other timepieces. The company's mastery of precision mechanics and microelectronics has allowed Citizen Watches to offer a wide range of products and services worldwide, developing a global presence operating in more than 13 countries with over 3,000 employees.

Citizen Watches leadership role is due to its unrelenting, uncompromising passion for technological innovation. This mission has resulted in a multitude of milestones, such as the following: The first shockproof Citizen Watches made in Japan; the first waterproof and first electronic Citizen Watches; the world's first water-resistant Citizen Watches, the world's first analog quartz Citizen Watches accurate to within three seconds per year; the first analog solar battery Citizen Watches and the world's thinnest movement at 0.98mm.

Over the years, Citizen Watches has successfully leveraged its expertise in microelectronics to become a major player in the field of office and information equipment. Products include printers, floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, and liquid crystal displays. Because microelectronics are at the core of these Citizen Watches products, they afford users something else very valuable – the ultimate in space efficiency.

From its work with quartz watches, Citizen Watches parlayed its experience with liquid crystal and microelectronic technologies to begin developing liquid crystal televisions, liquid crystal color video projectors, and electronic health care equipment. Most notably, Citizen Watches is the world-leader in the field of quartz oscillators, the heart of all electronic products.

The use of Citizen Watches ultra-precision machine tools are responsible for the development of many innovative high-tech products, and are found in a variety of industries worldwide. Citizen Watches fulfilled the present requirement for sub-micron precision in the field of factory automation, for example, the CINCOM series of compact CNC automatic lathes, the BOARD-PACKER electronic parts inserters, the CYNECTRON automatic assembly machines, and assembly robots – all leaders in their sectors.

In the production of jewelry and eyeglasses, Citizen Watches is able to exploit not only its materials and manufacturing technologies developed in the production of Citizen Watches, but also its sense of aesthetic appeal refined in the same area. In addition to its original design jewelry and eyeglasses, Citizen Watches is continuously called on to manufacturer famous designer brand products under license contracts.

More than 60 years later the Citizen Watches name has become synonymous with miniaturization. But the last six decades mark not only the history and evolution of Citizen Watches the company, but the process and progress of the art of watchmaking and other products utilizing precision mechanics and microelectronics.

Citizen Watches offers a highly attractive and extremely varied lineup of watches and clocks that fulfill the diverse needs of users worldwide. In 1986, Citizen Watches became the world's largest watch manufacturer.

Citizen Watches cover the entire function-fashion spectrum. As examples, there is the high grade Noblia Citizen Watches series, the multi-function Citizen Pro Master Citizen Watches series for sports enthusiasts, the analog multi-hand Citizen of the World Citizen Watches series for business executives, the high fashion Clariti Citizen Watches series for ladies, and the super-lightweight Titanium Collection Citizen Watches series.

Citizen Watches "Watches and Lifestyles" message is brilliantly promoted at the Basel Fair, the world's largest watch exhibition, and the JA show in the U.S., through the launch of new Citizen Watches of outstanding contemporary design and function.

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