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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 


Dunhill watchesIn the year 1906 Dunhill Motorities was in full swing. Alfred Dunhill had father's saddlery, and the modern man of the world could find everything here to warm the heart of any automobile enthusiast, making transportation on four wheels an absolute joy: from newly developed signak horns and googles to clothing providing protection againts the elements, all bearing the brand name of Dunhill, naturally. After all, the street mongrels of the time didn't show any respect for the strange new vehicles, the streets themselves were unsurfaced and accordingly dusty, and new means of transportation did not for the most part features a sensible chassis.

In this year, Alfred Dunhill offered his customer a watch for the first time - as the dernier sri, so to speak - which was, of course, tailored to the needs of the motor car enthusiast. It contained a stopwatch with whose help it was possible to time laps during increasingly popular automobile races.

Dunhill, who had in the meantime established himself as a tabacco specialist in the fashionable St. James quarter, subsequently built his watches into artistically decorated cigarette lighters, ashtrays, pipe accessories, and even into belt buckles and brooches. In line with the current trend, his first wristwatches were introduced at the end of the 1930s, among which was the Faceted Watch.

The classic Dunhill watch models are also at the forefront of 2002's line, and for the first time Dunhill has ventured out with above-averange creations sporting interesting mechanical movements. The Facet Darkar, for example, is outfitted with a speacially prepared hand-wound movement by Jquet with the subsidiary second dial at an unusual position (8 o'clock)

The brand, at home within the Richemont group, is trodding a more individual path in terms of distribution as well. The Dunhill Flagsship Store was recently opened in London's noble Old Bond Street; and as during Motorities times, offers its discriminating clientele everything their hearts could desire - provided it bears the name of Dunhill.

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