Thursday, February 23, 2006 

TAG Heuer Picks Wimbledon Champion Maria Sharapova as Brand Ambassador

TAG Heuer watchesSwiss sports watch maker and the fourth largest luxury brand in the world watch market TAG Heuer has signed a long-term ambassador agreement with, the winner of 2004 Wimbledon and WTA year-end championships, Maria Sharapova for covering product development, advertising, public relations and merchandising.

The 17-years-old Russian tennis star and the third youngest Wimbledon Champion in WTA history, Maria Sharapova said, "I am ecstatic."

"To represent a brand as legendary as TAG Heuer is a great honor. TAG Heuer has been teaming with the greatest champions in the history of sports, renowned athletes like Carl Lewis, Ayrton Senna or nowadays Tiger Woods, and famous teams like Ferrari and McLaren,” she said.

Jean-Christophe Babin, TAG Heuer’s President and Chief Executive Officer said, “In just two seasons Maria Sharapova has made her mark on the WTA pro tennis circuit, quickly advancing to the 4th singles 2004 WTA rankings, and winning two of the most famous tournaments in tennis."

“She's the perfect TAG Heuer Ambassador, an ideal representative of the brand's core values of passion, prestige and performance, which have driven the TAG Heuer brand in its pursuit of perfection for 145 years,” Babin said.

“We are very excited that she is joining the TAG Heuer Team, and she will go a long way toward reinforcing the brand's profile in the professional tennis world, which goes back to our "Inner Strength" campaign in the 1990s, when Boris Becker and Monica Seles were TAG Heuer Ambassadors," Babin concludes.